>Rescue of the Month: FROSTED FACES RESCUE

About Cyn & Wolf Feathers

I'm Cyn.
Creator and Artist here with Wolf Feathers.
This venture was born from the love that I have for dogs.
For rescues.
For Life.
For Love.
For being of service and giving back.
It became clear to me a few years ago, HOW MUCH HELP was needed in the rescue community. I very much believe that my lifelong artistic visions and talents were meant to lead me to this point. To create, to give back.
Wolf Feathers was named after my Soul Dog Bodie. He's been with me for 10 years. My protector. My great Love. My Bub. I know that long after he has passed from the cancer, that his legacy in Wolf Feathers will continue on. Yes...I almost started crying just typing that!
Soooooo....Bodie sheds....ALOT. 
His fur fluffs look exactly like little downy feathers that would come from a wolf...so the name was born.
Wolf Feathers. 
My inspiration comes from my Soul. My unique, individual perspective of the world. I'm a sensitive being who FEELS everything. The beauty of a dreamy Sunrise. The dark romance of a Blackbird flock. The magic mystery of the Moonlight.
These experiences come to me through color. I express what I feel through the unique gemstones chosen and designs that are created. Each piece is designed to be unique for EACH OF YOU!
I hope beyond hope that you feel the good intentions, positive service, and Love in each Wolf Feathers piece that you own and wear proudly.